Apr 3, 2013

Taking baby steps towards your vision

Life is interesting and exciting when you keep moving towards a vision that challenges you and inspires you to realize your potential.

If you settle for a routine and regular life it may feel comfortable but you may be left with a feeling of wanting more in terms of your being, doing, and achieving.

So if you have had this feeling and you have more inside of you that wants expression, then you are at the right place at the right time.  

Apr 2, 2013

Happiness through awareness

Everyone in this world wants to be happy. We try different means to be happy based on our perceptions about what can make us happy. However, even as we progress in the world doing things that we assume should give happiness and achieving things in life we still feel that we are not yet there.

Then disillusionment sets in. Then we either accept things as they are or struggle against them but nothing really helps to get us what we want the most i.e. happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Well friends rather then going here and there in search of happiness we can all do one small thing, sitting at home, without spending a penny.

What is it?

Want to know??

Jul 2, 2010

A Meeting with Peace

On a beautiful highway road on the lush green fields I once met peace sitting on a stone looking so peaceful and serene.
North Cornwall_Z14607 A beauty that emanated from her entire being. Stunned and marveled at the sight of her I went to her and asked curiously, “Aren’t you peace?” She nodded with an affectionate smile and said in her peaceful voice, “Yes, I am.”

Mar 20, 2010

Everyone is gifted

Several times in life when we look around ourselves, we are struck by the dazzling success of people who seem to be exceptionally gifted.
-Yukiroad- Flowers Collection

Such people reach dizzying heights in their chosen field, be it in the field of sports, entertainment, science, or business. These people are spread across all the fields and they create new definitions of achievement and success in their fields. They constantly keep reinventing themselves, moving from one success to another.

At such times we wonder if these people are exceptionally gifted, or they have special blessings of God, or they have been created by nature differently from a common or average person. We often believe that everyone is not so gifted and there the matter ends for most of us.

Mar 2, 2010

Finding inner freedom

Albino PeacockImage by The Real Darren Stone via Flickr
Freedom is the desire of every human heart in this world. We all wish to live life freely. However, as life progresses we realize that we are either a slave of our situations or a slave of people’s expectations. We find ourselves buckling under the pressure of situations and pressure of expectations that others have from us. When this is the reality of life how can we possibly enjoy freedom while at the same time maintaining our relationships and handling the situations?

Nov 12, 2009

Power of prayer

CandlesImage by magnuscanis via Flickr
In the course of life we often come across moments when we have done our best and still things don’t seem to go in the desired direction. At such times we wish we had some power to change situations in our life. A power that could change the experience of our lives.

Well friends, we do have a power in our hands and that is the power of prayer. So how prayer can bring about the desired change, how it can influence the environment around us, and how it works?

Oct 16, 2009

Accessing love

Happy father and happy sonImage by ximenatapia via Flickr
For every human being love is a prerequisite for life. Life cannot be imagined without love. A life devoid of love cannot qualify to be really called as life because love is the highest experience of life, be it the love of our parents, spouse, friends, children, or the society. The reality however is that this experience often eludes us. Therefore, it is the yearning of every human heart to have constant presence of love in our lives.

So how can we have constant presence of love in our lives and why we are unable to experience it on a constant basis?

Oct 3, 2009

Moving to the next level of reality

View from Saint-EynardImage by Denis MessiƩ via Flickr
It is a natural human desire to experience a higher reality of life than where we presently are. Who would not like to be wealthier, healthier, happier, more beautiful, more intelligent, more powerful, or more fulfilled in life? It is indeed possible to shift your reality to the next level of experience which would be a higher experience in all dimensions. So how can we take the experience of our life to the next level? How this shift in our reality can be achieved?