Jul 2, 2010

A Meeting with Peace

On a beautiful highway road on the lush green fields I once met peace sitting on a stone looking so peaceful and serene.
North Cornwall_Z14607 A beauty that emanated from her entire being. Stunned and marveled at the sight of her I went to her and asked curiously, “Aren’t you peace?” She nodded with an affectionate smile and said in her peaceful voice, “Yes, I am.”

Mar 20, 2010

Everyone is gifted

Several times in life when we look around ourselves, we are struck by the dazzling success of people who seem to be exceptionally gifted.
-Yukiroad- Flowers Collection

Such people reach dizzying heights in their chosen field, be it in the field of sports, entertainment, science, or business. These people are spread across all the fields and they create new definitions of achievement and success in their fields. They constantly keep reinventing themselves, moving from one success to another.

At such times we wonder if these people are exceptionally gifted, or they have special blessings of God, or they have been created by nature differently from a common or average person. We often believe that everyone is not so gifted and there the matter ends for most of us.

Mar 2, 2010

Finding inner freedom

Albino PeacockImage by The Real Darren Stone via Flickr
Freedom is the desire of every human heart in this world. We all wish to live life freely. However, as life progresses we realize that we are either a slave of our situations or a slave of people’s expectations. We find ourselves buckling under the pressure of situations and pressure of expectations that others have from us. When this is the reality of life how can we possibly enjoy freedom while at the same time maintaining our relationships and handling the situations?