Aug 28, 2009

Transcend time to move into timelessness

For most human beings as life unfolds most of the things in life go on increasing like the wealth, success, social status, recognition, intelligence, wisdom etc. However, as life passes, where on one hand we gain so many things, what we go on losing on the other is time.
Tehran SkyImage by Hamed Saber via Flickr

It feels as if time is slipping away from our hands. Whatever time is gone we lose it never to gain it back. One can regain wealth, success, health, lost relationships but time slips by forever, once it is gone it is lost. Sometimes, especially when we are living through the best moments of our life a fear of losing this time crops up from nowhere. So what can be done? Is it possible to hold time still and live without fear of ever losing it?

Aug 21, 2009

How to be fulfilled in life?

Many of us in life are happy, successful, and have excellent relationships, yet we do not feel fulfilled. We feel as if something is missing in life and we are even unable to figure out what it is.
Renaissance garden in Pieskowa Skała, PolandImage via Wikipedia

There is an unknown seeking, a quest within us that we cannot truly define, but it feels like a longing for something. It is almost like a pain and yet we do not know the basis of this pain. A great many people live through this experience of life and think that may be it is a quest to know oneself or to find a meaning or purpose of life.

So the question is what is fulfillment and how to find it?