Sep 22, 2009

Succeeding during change

World is a dynamic place, always happening and ever changing. Change is happening whether one is moving from one place to another, one profession to another, one age group to another, or one position to another, so on and so forth.
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On the one hand, though the change is always exciting and brings freshness into the experience of our lives, yet on the other hand there are certain changes that are less desirable. Still one has to deal with the reality of change in life and learn to tide over it and become successful. So how can we successfully deal with change?

Well, there is one strategy that can always ensure success during change and that is “to change with the change”.
Yes, when the reality is changing around you, you too need to change to cope with it and to succeed. Changing yourself means changing your response to the situation. If the situation is changing then it will not be possible to succeed if our responses remain the same. So the question is how our responses can change and what needs to change to change our responses.

Sep 11, 2009

You as a creator of your reality

All of us live a life created by ourselves. Be it good or bad,our life is being shaped by the choices that we are making and decisions that we are taking. However, most of us do not believe so. We feel that life is given to us and we have no role to play in what happens to us.

Some even go to the extent of rejecting this “creating your reality” stuff as an egoistic pursuit of people who commit the sin of considering themselves to be God.

However friends, the truth is that it is far from being an egoistic pursuit.