Jul 30, 2009

How to create the feeling of happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy in life. However, as life progresses many of us experience that in spite of being successful and achieving everything in life we are not happy.
HappinessImage by Swamibu via Flickr
All the success and achievements are not creating happiness in our lives. As a result we lose interest in life and it appears as if we are merely existing rather than fully living our lives.

So the question is why does it happen? We seek success in order to be happy then why don’t we actually feel happy after achieving it?

Well, this happens because we operate from a state of lack and absence. Whenever we stay in a feeling that we lack something in life, no matter what we achieve in the outside life our internal feeling does not change. This is because in order to feel happy we need to change the internal feeling of lack and absence. If this happens then we can be happy irrespective of our success and when happiness does not depend on success, there is less stress to succeed and therefore success also comes naturally.

Jul 24, 2009

How to have harmony in relationships?

Bouquet parfaitImage by Sint-Katelijne-Waver via Flickr
Life can only be enjoyed completely if lived in harmony with people around us, be it family, friends, or coworkers. The moment harmony is disrupted joy is gone from life. However, all of us experience moments in life where harmony in relationships is lost and peace of mind is also lost along with it. It happens even with people we love and in relationships that we value and that are important for us in our life.

So the question is how this can be changed and how can we have harmony in relationships?

Jul 4, 2009

How to live an extraordinary life?

Rus and Ben River Rafting at Cache Canyon CreekImage by Ben Gertzfield via Flickr
Life is an extraordinary gift and all of us would like to have an extraordinary experience of living it. However, most of us find ourselves stuck in a monotonous, ordinary, and routine existence. We try to bring some extra joy by going to a restaurant, party, or for a movie, but after a while this too becomes a routine affair and stops exciting us.

We often wonder if it is possible to break out of this routine and enjoy an extraordinary life.

Jul 1, 2009

Recognize the power of aligned present action to create desired future

It is a natural human tendency to dream of a beautiful future. However, we all know that mere imagination cannot take us there. We need to take action.

In spite of this knowledge most of us often postpone taking action into a distant future. Due to this we become uncertain about realizing our desired future, and life loses its charm for us.

So now the question is how this can be changed?