Sep 11, 2009

You as a creator of your reality

All of us live a life created by ourselves. Be it good or bad,our life is being shaped by the choices that we are making and decisions that we are taking. However, most of us do not believe so. We feel that life is given to us and we have no role to play in what happens to us.

Some even go to the extent of rejecting this “creating your reality” stuff as an egoistic pursuit of people who commit the sin of considering themselves to be God.

However friends, the truth is that it is far from being an egoistic pursuit.

It requires lot of humility to really create something. This is because in order to create one needs to grow. “Growth” is a necessary element in creation. For example, if a seed has to become a tree it has to grow. If a small enterprise has to become a conglomerate it has to grow and growth requires one to learn. In order to learn one must discard what is useless and take from others what is valuable.

For example, a seed has to discard the seed coat and take nutrition from soil in order to grow into a plant and later into a tree.

It requires humility to be able to see what is useless inside us and be able to appreciate what is good in others. This has to happen on a constant basis in order for one to grow and to become what one decides to become or to make what one decides to make of one’s life. So if you are constantly creating your reality by choice you are a very humble person who is also at the same time very integral.

It takes integrity besides humility to be able to see what needs to change in us in order for us to achieve higher things in life. This type of a person is one who can even leave one’s own identity behind if it comes in the way of achieving the reality that he or she desires to achieve. So the one who can change and evolve has to be the one who has humility and integrity.

An egoist cannot really change his reality. This is because an egoist is a person who resists change as he considers himself to be perfect and does not accept the need to change even if he may not be experiencing the reality that he wishes to experience. Such a person would blame others for his own reality rather than taking the responsibility of his life’s experiences upon himself.

If we want our reality to change, it is us who must change. It may be our thoughts, our beliefs, our values, our lifestyle, or our habits that may be required to be changed and in order for us to be able to identify what exactly needs to be changed we must be integral enough to see it and accept it with humility. It is only then that we can move ahead to create the reality of our choice.

For example, if you want to change the reality about your health, you need to bring about a change in your lifestyle, eating habits etc. For this you must be able to admit the wrong patterns that you are following and have the humility to accept it and change it. If you are going through a rough relationship and want peace then you ought to see what changes you need to bring in your own attitude, perceptions, values etc. to make it happen. Change only begins from within. It is an inside out journey and not the other way round and a creator can only create with humility and not with a self deceiving ego.


  1. Very good article...Its very true....Change only begins from within

  2. I have heard men are masters of their own destiny.

    but there are situations when despite your best attempts you fail.

    but we can always avert the unwanted.

  3. The situations when you fail are a manifestation of your past choices. If you learn what needs to be learnt from a situation, your life moves to a next level and at that level the same situation does not reappear. Situations where we are failing are pointing in the direction of our learning and growth. By learning from our past we can make new choices in the present and can certainly avert the unwanted in the future.

  4. I think you are so very correct that for one to succeed, one must be humble enough to accept all the things that are being offered to him.

  5. Hi sister, a thought provoking blog post and views expressed by you are some what similar to what Lord Srikrishna has revealed to Arjuna in Srimad Bhagawat geetha.The inbuilt chracteristic of a seed is to come out from its cover and grow as a plant and unless there is a forceful obstruction it will perform its natural duty and become a plant. Then what is the inbuilt characteristic of a human being according to you? Please put some light

  6. Thank you Mr. Kamath for your compliment.

    According to me the ability to evolve in terms of consciousness is the inbuilt characteristic of a human being. The more the consciousness or the "life force" increases, the more one is able to live and enjoy life. If we take away all the fears, limiting beliefs, and hurts from a consciousness that are an obstruction to the natural evolution of consciousness, we can grow in terms of our ability to live life and then love, joy, and bliss can be our natural experiences. This is what life is meant to be and nothing less.

  7. you have no really is..smiles..Agree with you 100%..nice blog btw

  8. Wow! We are like-mined! I am glad to meet a person who thinks the same way.

  9. Growth can be painful. Right soil can make all the difference between flourishing and wilting. How can we make our soil nutritious and our environment good without disrupting others?