Aug 28, 2009

Transcend time to move into timelessness

For most human beings as life unfolds most of the things in life go on increasing like the wealth, success, social status, recognition, intelligence, wisdom etc. However, as life passes, where on one hand we gain so many things, what we go on losing on the other is time.
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It feels as if time is slipping away from our hands. Whatever time is gone we lose it never to gain it back. One can regain wealth, success, health, lost relationships but time slips by forever, once it is gone it is lost. Sometimes, especially when we are living through the best moments of our life a fear of losing this time crops up from nowhere. So what can be done? Is it possible to hold time still and live without fear of ever losing it?

Well friends, we all know that time exists, it is a reality and its nature is movement. It is not possible to stop time or hold it still. However, there is one more reality that very few amongst us are aware of and that is; as there is time, there is also timelessness. It is like the two sides of the same coin.

For example, if there is a river flowing and if you step into the river, it is not possible to not get wet or stop yourself from moving with the flow but….and this “but” is very important….but you can step out of the river any time you wish and come to the riverside. There you can be out of the movement of the river and dry yourself up.

In the same way time is like a river, you cannot stop its flow and you will get impacted by the changes that it brings and this flow is also a great experience. It has got its own excitement. However, you have the freedom to sometimes step out of this flow and come to the riverside i.e. a space of timelessness.

If you do this you will be rejuvenated, come clean of all the scars that time has given you, and will again be ready to join the flow of time. You need to keep slipping into timelessness and keep coming out into time.

So how can you do it?

Well, you can do it by connecting with the timelessness inside you. This timelessness inside you is your consciousness. All your thoughts and your memories are bonded to time. However, your consciousness is into eternity. When you live from your consciousness rather than the mind, you experience timelessness. This living from consciousness can be for a few seconds to few hours and it can be cultivated with practice. Some people live from this level only and experience timelessness all the time without losing their objectivity about time and using it for their daily tasks.

In order to live from your consciousness you need to pick an experience that you find most beautiful to experience. As you slip into that experience your senses will be absorbed in experiencing the beauty of that experience. The thoughts will fade into the background and so will other memories and worries, you will be present only in that moment. You will forget all about the targets, goals, appointments, meetings etc. This experience for you can be seeing a sunrise, seeing a child playing, looking at the stars studded sky, looking down a valley, or just lying down in the grass listening to the sounds of nature. You need to know that there are certain experiences in this world that have the power to transport us to our own timeless reality. Nature is a great transporter to timelessness. It is like a mirror in which you can see essence of your own existence, your timelessness. You need to be into this experience as long as you can. If thoughts come back and you wake up with a sense of time, then you need to go back to that experience again. As you practice it often you will feel a sense of calm enveloping you and you will find your fear of losing time gradually disappearing.

Remember, you are a timeless being who has chosen to be born into time. You are the very eternal. So if you have to go into the timelessness, you just need to retreat into the quiet timelessness of your own consciousness.
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  1. Wow, this is a great post. Very deep and very though-provoking. You have a very intelligent and philosophical blog. Thanks for visiting Roflopagos Island. Please come back anytime:)

  2. You have some really thought provoking deep post here! Keep up the awesome writing...see you here next post.

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  3. Space encloses everything and nothing escapes time,what lies beyond no one knows,the infinite will always remain the infinite,when it becoms known it becomes the finite.