Aug 21, 2009

How to be fulfilled in life?

Many of us in life are happy, successful, and have excellent relationships, yet we do not feel fulfilled. We feel as if something is missing in life and we are even unable to figure out what it is.
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There is an unknown seeking, a quest within us that we cannot truly define, but it feels like a longing for something. It is almost like a pain and yet we do not know the basis of this pain. A great many people live through this experience of life and think that may be it is a quest to know oneself or to find a meaning or purpose of life.

So the question is what is fulfillment and how to find it?

In order to understand what fulfillment is we need to understand why we feel unfulfilled.

Whenever, we reach a point in life where we think that we have everything that we need to have to live a secure life, i.e. wealth, relationships, position, recognition etc. then we become mentally satisfied. When our mind is satisfied with what we have, it stops driving us like crazy. The mental stress reduces and the mind relaxes. It is then that our focus moves towards our heart, the heart that had been ignored for a long time. Suddenly, it makes its presence felt. At such times all the feelings that had been suppressed previously come to the surface. When this happens we feel the pain of our own heart that we did not have the time to feel earlier.

Most of us at such times become disillusioned and feel that our success and achievement is futile as it could not give us fulfillment. However, friends this is not the case. Your success and achievements are really valuable and are a testimony to the fact that you are an individual with great potential and it is really important to be successful in life.

So what needs to be done to fulfill you?

Well friends, since you have long been living your life focusing on your own needs, living a life of mind (which is important) now it is time to move forward and start living for your soul as well that dwells in your heart. Know this for a fact that your soul is always magnanimous and magnificent and its agenda is to make a difference to other lives. Your heart always desires to reach to its highest potential and it can be fulfilled only if you make a difference to others and start contributing in their lives. It can be just one person or many, but when you start giving something out of your life everyday you feel fulfilled.

So now first of all write down all that your heart desires to accomplish and in what way you want to make a difference to this world. Do not consider whether it is possible or not. The important step is just to acknowledge to yourself that this is what your heart desires. It will be like tending a wound. This in itself will reduce some of the feeling of lack of fulfillment in your heart. Your desire could be to help your parents, siblings, old friend, your community, country, animals, planet, or anything else. See what your heart aches for. If your heart aches for something it means it is your soul exerting pressure from inside to let it live from its full potential.

Then see which ones of these desires are more intense, give them a priority ranking.

Then take the most intense one and see what you can do about it. Your desire may be grand as your soul is always grand and its potential also is great. However, you must understand that realizing the full potential of your soul is a journey of a lifetime and you will have to take the baby steps to begin this journey.

If you take small steps according to your present realized potential you will feel fulfilled today in this present moment.

For example, if you live in a developing country and if your desire is to see your country have excellent infrastructure and your heart aches every time you see the poor infrastructure then you have the potential to do something about it. However, presently you may not be in a position to do anything about it so what can be your baby steps…

Well, you need to ask your heart and it will guide you. However, one idea could be to review the needs of infrastructure improvement in your city and know what initiatives are being taken by the people responsible in the government for developing infrastructure. There will be few people who will be doing the good work silently. You can meet them, make a presentation about what they are doing, spread a good word about them, and bring them some recognition. Honor them in your community gatherings and help them in whatever way they seek to be helped.

So this action though will not change the infrastructure of your country overnight but is sure to give you fulfillment. Your soul wants to express itself. When you curb the expression of your soul you minimize the life force inside you. Therefore, it is really important to let life express itself through you. The more you allow it the expression more you will be fulfilled.

Gradually, as you will give importance to what your soul and your heart desires rather than giving importance to only your mind, you will start feeling more and more fulfilled.

So go ahead and live a fulfilled life everyday of your life. As you will start taking your baby steps you will sleep with a fulfilled feeling every night. Also, as you will take these steps you will be guided and helped by the universe and your steps will grow to become more powerful and effective. Few years down the road you would have made a huge difference to this world.

You can begin this fulfilling journey right now even as you are busy with working for your worldly needs. You do not need to wait for fulfillment after you have achieved other things in life. It can be done simultaneously. In fact if you are more fulfilled at this level you will have more energy to realize your self-centric goals too. So just do this and fulfill your destiny.
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