Oct 16, 2009

Accessing love

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For every human being love is a prerequisite for life. Life cannot be imagined without love. A life devoid of love cannot qualify to be really called as life because love is the highest experience of life, be it the love of our parents, spouse, friends, children, or the society. The reality however is that this experience often eludes us. Therefore, it is the yearning of every human heart to have constant presence of love in our lives.

So how can we have constant presence of love in our lives and why we are unable to experience it on a constant basis?

Well, this is because we are looking for it in a direction where it is not present. We are looking for love outside of us whereas it is present inside us. Now the question is why we are looking for love outside of us and not inside. This is because we think that it exists outside.

Let us understand this with the help of an example: Suppose you lose your car keys in your house then where will you search for it? Of course, you will look for it in your house. Now suppose you lose it in your office, then you will search for it in the office and you will not search for it in the marketplace when you “know” that you have lost it in the office. Now suppose you don’t know where exactly have you lost it, whether it is in your office, marketplace where you stopped on the way, at the parking, or in your home? Well, then your search will expand all the way from the office to your home since you don’t exactly know where you have lost it. Similarly, we are looking for love all over the place around us as we don’t exactly know where we have lost it. Like any other objects that we are habitual of searching outside, we are confining our search for love also to our outside context, i.e. to the people we live with, our relationships, and so on and so forth.

However, friends the fact is that this love has been lost somewhere inside us, it is lying there and it has to be “found” inside us.

Now it is important to note that in order for us to “search” for something we need to first “lose” it. In order to “lose” something or to feel a sense of not having it, we must first “have” it. We cannot know the “absence” of something unless we have experienced its “presence” at the first place. In order to experience the presence we must know how it feels like. We cannot know how love feels like unless we have felt it inside us. To know the presence of love “out there” we must have a feeling “in here”. Therefore, the feeling of love exists inside our own being, as we feel it inside us and not outside of us. It is an inner reality and not an outside event. So if we want to experience love on a constant basis in our lives then we need to access this feeling of love that is present inside us. It is only if we live from this feeling of love that we will create the experience of love in our outside reality. However, if we feel that it is absent inside us and look for it outside we will not be able to find it there as well.

So how this living from love can really happen? This can happen if we live from a sense of “having” and we can live from there only if we become aware of “having” love in life. Therefore, in order to live from love we must move to the next level of awareness about “having” love in our life. The more our sense of having deepens in life, the more we will experience it in our outside reality. So what needs to be done to increase our awareness about having love in life?

Well friends, it is important to note that love is already present in our lives we just need to become more aware of its presence. To do this please take pen and paper and answer the following questions:

1.) Can you speak? If your answer is “yes” then it means you came across someone in life who taught you how to speak. It may be your father, mother, brother, sister, grandparents or anyone else, but whosoever did it had the patience to sit next to you and repeat every word over and over till you learnt how to twist your tongue and learnt to make the right sound. Why did they do it? Feel the answer in your heart.

However, if your answer is “no” move to the next question.

2.) What is your age? No matter what the answer if you are grown enough to read this article that means you have survived through your infancy. A period of your life when you could not earn, prepare food, and eat on your own and it was then that someone helped you survive by giving you food. Again it may be your family, relatives, or someone else who cared enough for your life. Why did that person do it? What is the feeling that lets someone do it?

However, if your still do not recognize the presence of love in your life, move to the next question.

3.) Do you breathe? Of course your answer is yes or you may not be alive and reading this. So who has put oxygen in the atmosphere for you to breathe? Let me answer this. It is someone who cares enough for your life; you may call it nature, God, or universe. If you cannot find even a single person who loves you then also you cannot ignore the love of nature for your life and your survival. Nature has not only given oxygen, water, and food for your survival but it has also given you a body which has brain, a great gift to think, a heart, a great gift to feel all the wonderful feelings, and it has also gifted you with all your sensory organs to experience this world. . If it is not for love then why you have been gifted with so many things?

Friends, look around yourselves and you will find yourself completely surrounded by love and still we have not covered all the people who have helped us at different times during various stages of life without expecting anything in return and those whose lives have no meaning if they don’t have us in their lives as their love for us is unconditional and they are our “parents.”

Last but not the least whenever you feel unloved; just look down at our mother earth that is silently bearing our weight and you will be able to feel its love.

So if you keep asking these three basic questions everyday then you will live with complete awareness about the presence of love in your life and it will create this reality in every waking moment of your life.
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  1. Very beautiful and touching article...specially ...I got moved by what you wrote about our parents , who unconditionally love us. Thanks a lot

  2. ya what an article..its like directly from the heart..

    its very very touchy....

    Thanks for sharing with us


  3. Wonderfully expressed. Your verbal illustrations are terrific!

  4. How true that love is fundamental to life - I believe it is that way because God created us with the purpose to abide with Him in love therefore it is our deepest hunger that it might draw us closer to Him.

    However, I found that the love I had separate from Him was a miserable copycat. Of course, I didn't realize that until I experienced His becuase I had nothing to compare it to. My love never fulfilled, it didn't endure, it was selfish. But I remember the night after months of asking to know His love that He poured His love into my soul - it truly changed me because my love changed - the type and how I loved.

    Love is the main thing - 1 Corn 13:13 "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

    Anything less than God's love flowing in us will leave us lacking, unsatisfied and disabled to truly love others with a love that changes them and us.

    God's love is so much more than what we can have on our own. It is why we need Him. Why we need to be connected to Him - mind, body and soul.


  5. Thanks all of you for your nice comments.
    Rachel you are very right in saying that God's love is what fulfills us and his love is present in form of all that he has gifted us and in the fact of our being alive. From life to everything that sustains life is an experience of God's love for us. If we recognize this we will be a happy and greatful soul.

  6. Nicely written thoughts about love. Its just "love and love only". ie all I have to say!!!!

  7. great post and I agree !! Thanks for visiting my blog !

  8. Hi,
    Nice meeting you. You have make us aware about the most valuable and priceless feeling of human heart-Love. Great post.Thanks for sharing.
    Your Always.

  9. Beautiful attitude toward life! There is always something to be grateful for, and this gratitude is love.

  10. Love is a human need as basic as to eat and sleep...love this article and the whole blog. Keep the good job!

  11. Your article reminds me of this quote "I'd rather be loved and lost it then to have not been loved at all". I think I heard it from a move. Very inspiring and provoking article.

  12. What a wonderful article and it is so true about being loved.

  13. beautifully written..
    loved it :)
    thanks for the nice read

  14. You're absolutely right about love! No one refuses love in all its forms.