Oct 3, 2009

Moving to the next level of reality

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It is a natural human desire to experience a higher reality of life than where we presently are. Who would not like to be wealthier, healthier, happier, more beautiful, more intelligent, more powerful, or more fulfilled in life? It is indeed possible to shift your reality to the next level of experience which would be a higher experience in all dimensions. So how can we take the experience of our life to the next level? How this shift in our reality can be achieved?

Well, this can be achieved by changing the focus of our unconscious mind.

All of us think in our mind that we want to achieve higher things in life and are even working towards it, but the unconscious is not always aligned with our conscious thought patterns and this prevents us from really achieving what we want to achieve as our unconscious is much more powerful than our conscious mind. Why is it so? Why is unconscious mind more powerful than the conscious mind?

This is because once anything goes into unconscious it becomes an automatic program. Anything which has to run on its own has to be powerful. For example, Your body has the power to digest food and since it happens automatically, it is the power and ability of your system to be able to do so. Similarly, our unconscious mind is what automatically guides us towards opportunities and experiences that we desire. However, if we are stuck at one particular experience of reality it is because our unconscious is guiding us towards that particular experience. The reason why unconscious is guiding us there is because it has been programmed to focus there.

So now the question is how the focus of unconscious impacts or creates the experience of our reality?

Our unconscious is made up of our emotions and beliefs, which determine our actions and hence the reality that we get to experience.

Consider this example for a moment. Let us assume that you go to the market to buy a shirt. Now while making a choice, you automatically reject certain types and select some others. This is done based on a feeling as some of them feel good and others just don’t. The fact of the matter is that what is rejected by you is always selected by someone else at some or the other time, so it may not be considered as a bad shirt after all. So what is the truth? Well, the decision here about which shirt to buy is being governed by your unconscious preferences. This is based upon what you are unconsciously focusing upon. You may be unconsciously focusing upon price of the shirt; it may be too low or too high for you. You may be focusing on the brand, it may not be a popular brand according to you and it may be an important matter for you. You may be making your choice based upon the designer label, or the store from where you are buying, or marketplace from where you are buying, or simply the color of the shirt. You may be inclined to buy only specific type of colors no matter what the brand or price. You may simply go by the design of the shirt. You may be getting influenced by the advertisement that you saw or the last compliment that you got and decided to wear only that type of shirt. You may also get influenced by the salesperson if there is one selling that shirt. These are just a few examples of how everyone’s focus is different and they are making choices in life according to their unconscious focus. So wherever you are focusing, would determine which shirt you end up wearing and wearing that shirt would be a part of your reality, your personal experience. It is also important to note that your focus at an unconscious level blocks you from focusing on other things completely. In this example if you are focused only on price and feel that expensive items are always good then you may not really be able to focus on the quality and end up buying a low quality expensive shirt or if you are unconsciously focusing on brand then you may buy something that may not be a suitable cloth type for the climate you live in.

So it is important to recognize the fact that we get attracted towards a reality that our unconscious is programmed to focus at and if we want to change the reality that we are experiencing we need to change the focus of our unconscious mind. If we do this we will bring into our life higher experiences and will get to live higher reality.

So how this unconscious can be reprogrammed and how can we know which way our unconscious mind is programmed? Well friends, this is the most empowering fact of life that you a being of consciousness are above everything else in this creation. You are the creator of your reality. You have the power to create and you can reprogram your unconscious mind to bring these experiences that you want to create in your reality. So how this can be done? You need to follow the following steps for this:

First step:

Well, the first step is to know where you are as every change begins from present. It is only when we look at our present reality that we can identify what is missing or what would be the next higher level of experience from here. For example, look at the present state of your wealth and determine where you want to take it in the next 1 year. Extend this to your status of relationships, health, professional life, happiness, spiritual and personal growth etc. Determine where you stand and where would you like to move. What is the next higher level for you in each of these dimensions?

Second step:

Identify the present focus of your unconscious mind. It is important to note that you ought to look at your present emotion regarding a particular aspect of your life to identify the focus of your unconscious. This is so because emotions are very powerful and your focus tends to go in the direction of your emotions. Like if you lost a dear one as a child your unconscious will always remain focused at that loss as there is a painful emotion of loss there. Since the emotion will be there it would be difficult to not pay attention to it. As a result you will always be unconsciously focusing upon the loss of relationships in life and bring that experience in your reality. So emotions do have the power to attract the attention of the mind. So in order to change the focus you ought to change the emotions. Therefore, you need to start from identifying the emotions. For example, you need to see emotion that comes when you think of your wealth status. If the emotion is dissatisfaction it will bring that into your reality. Your emotion may be that it is just okay or neither too good nor to bad, or good, best, outstanding etc. Do these exercises with all the other dimensions of your relationships, health, work life, happiness, and spiritual and personal growth etc.

Third step:

After identifying your emotion you must release it. You can release the emotion either by experiencing it fully or using EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. You can find more information regarding the EFT on YouTube. Once the emotion is released the focus of your unconscious will shift automatically. This new focus will now bring you that reality, a higher reality that you wish to experience. So do it and move to the next level of your reality.
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  2. This is a very deep topic because subconscious is something that can be very abstract to some people and even to me at time. And yet subconscious is part of an individual that can determine one's future. As you mentioned, it is important to be aware of one's current situation in order to consciously re-program the negative subconscious to be in line with what one wants to achieve. Very well written post.

  3. This is very deep, but this is some of the best advice I have heard in a while.

  4. This is supposed to be the way it is.

    We choose to come to earth for a purpose. When we get here, we have that in our spirit- our reason for coming here- and we get there, we reach that reason, as we allow our spirit to grow and grow, freeing ourselves from the bondages of this world.

    The sad thing is...many of us have lost this calling and desire in our spirits. It becomes supressed from bondages, fears, other people's beliefs around us, and etc. And that's why so many of us are content with just existing, being stuck in reverse, just swimming around in the same cesspool...

    We must not allow our spirits to become bound by fears, bondages, doubts, other people's influences, and etc. But the biggest enemy of our spirits is fear itself.

  5. Hello Pratishtha, this post is really inspiring and your advices are very sound. Thanks for sharing.


  6. This is beautifully written and I will be sharing your site on my Facebook and Twitter pages as well as in the "Resource" section of my newest (18th) book "Teach It Write...Now" available on Amazon startin 12/7/12. THANK YOU!