Jul 1, 2009

Recognize the power of aligned present action to create desired future

It is a natural human tendency to dream of a beautiful future. However, we all know that mere imagination cannot take us there. We need to take action.

In spite of this knowledge most of us often postpone taking action into a distant future. Due to this we become uncertain about realizing our desired future, and life loses its charm for us.

So now the question is how this can be changed?

Well, this can be changed by recognizing the fact that it is the present action, which when aligned with future action brings the desired result without fail.

This can be understood with help of an illustration:

Suppose you want to build a two-storied house. Now in order to build this house you will have to first build the foundation. After this you will build the wall brick by brick, and then build the roof. It is only after this that you can proceed to build the second story. You simply cannot build the second story without first building the foundation. So in this example laying the foundation stone and building the foundation would be the present action on the basis of which the future action, i.e. roofing and building the second story will be taken.

Unless this present action is taken, future action is not possible.

Similarly, in case of your life, if you have some goals and you want to achieve them, you need to identify the present actions that are the necessary steps for your future actions.

Power of aligned present actions:

An action that is completely aligned with your future action is the most powerful action and is sure to bring into experience the reality that you want to create.

Why is it so?

This is because an aligned present action eliminates the possibility of failure of future actions.

You can align the present actions with future actions by taking such actions in the present that are critical to the success of the future actions.

However, the most important thing is to understand what an aligned action is, as most of the time the aligned actions do not appear to be the aligned actions.

In order to understand this let us consider the above example once again. While building your two-storied house, you may come to know that your land is infected with termite, which may be a threat to the foundation and the structure above it. In this case you may take the action of treating your land with anti termite chemicals.

If you look at it, the activity of treating your land with anti termite is not a house building activity; however, it is in alignment with your future action and goal of building the house.

Similarly, in your life also you may come across such situations where you may need to take actions which may not directly bring the results but may be critical actions for realizing your goal. For example, you may have a dream of growing higher in ranks in your organization, but you may have a challenging relationship at home that may be draining your energy. This may be resulting in your inability to focus at work and you may be losing opportunities of growth. In this case the action of healing that relationship would be an aligned and important present action that would enable you to take necessary future action in the direction of achieving your goal.

Let us now look at the reason why spending time on healing this relationship is an important aligned action for achieving your goal:

1. When the relationship will be healed, it will allow you to focus at your work. As a result you will get better ideas and would be able to perform better.

2. Since you will take the responsibility of healing your relationship at home, you will reflect that nature at work as well. This would help establish your credibility as a responsible person and you will be able to win trust of people in your organization.

3. When you win people’s trust and are effective at your work you are given more responsibility, i.e. a promotion at work.

So even though the action of healing the relationship will not directly bring about the result in future but it has the power to influence the success of your future actions.

Now in order to recognize the aligned present actions that you need to take to achieve your goals, do the following exercise:

1. Identify the actions that you want to take in your future to achieve your goals.

2. Identify the issues that you need to address in your present and that are necessary prerequisite for your future actions.

3. Identify how these issues impact the success of your future actions.

4. Identify the actions you need to take in your present to address these issues.

Now, take the action and move enthusiastically towards your cherished future.

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