Jul 4, 2009

How to live an extraordinary life?

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Life is an extraordinary gift and all of us would like to have an extraordinary experience of living it. However, most of us find ourselves stuck in a monotonous, ordinary, and routine existence. We try to bring some extra joy by going to a restaurant, party, or for a movie, but after a while this too becomes a routine affair and stops exciting us.

We often wonder if it is possible to break out of this routine and enjoy an extraordinary life.

Well, it is possible to live this kind of life provided you understand how you have managed to create this present reality using your mind.

For this you must first understand how the mind works.

Understand the functioning of your mind:

Mind is like a computer and it just executes your commands. You may argue that you always command your mind to give you the best things in the world then why it does not execute these commands. Well, you must understand that your commands are not your conscious thoughts and desires. Your command is the continuous inner dialogue going on inside you. Whatever you say to yourself within the mind is interpreted by the mind as your command. Then based on this inner dialogue your mind creates a picture. Once the picture is formed, the mind supplies you with ideas about bringing this picture into your reality. It is important to note that mind generates ideas on the basis of the picture. Mind works like an architect; it keeps this picture as the blueprint and continuously looks at it and supplies you with ideas to create this picture in your reality. It creates an exact replica of this picture in your physical reality.

So if your inner dialogue about life is this that life is boring, tiring, and monotonous, your mind creates a picture depicting this dialogue. After this it supplies you with ideas that are based on this picture. Since the actions are always based upon ideas, so when you act in accordance with these ideas, these actions bring this experience into your reality.

So now that you know how your present ordinary experience of life is being created by your inner dialogue, you can very well change this experience by changing your inner dialogue. Once the inner dialogue is changed mind will create a different picture and based on that it will supply you with different ideas. So it is very important to change your inner dialogue. For this let us do the following exercise:

1. Become aware of your current inner dialogue about your life, finance, relationships, career, health, self image etc. Then pick any one area and start writing whatever comes to your mind regarding it without pause. Repeat this process with all the areas one by one. This exercise will reveal to you your inner dialogue about each area of your life and you will also be able to look at the picture that your mind has created based on this dialogue.

2. Once you have identified your dialogue and picture that you want to change, then completely experience the emotions associated with it. Release all emotions of pain and fear by completely experiencing them. It is important to experience the fear and pain associated with the picture because it is the tendency of the mind to give attention to these emotions. Fear holds the attention of mind and it is the nature of mind to supply ideas in form of thoughts regarding the object of its focus. For example, if you suddenly spot a lizard on the ceiling right above your head and if you are fearful of lizards you will not be able to take your attention away from it. Same is the case with a picture that is painful and makes you feel sad. Since the mind does not allow you to move past a picture of fear or pain, therefore if you want to make mind move past this picture you need to release these emotions by experiencing them.

Once you will experience your emotions, your inner dialogue will change and so will the picture in your mind. When the picture will be changed into a positive one, your mind will automatically start supplying you with ideas that will bring this picture into your reality.

So my dear friends create beautiful pictures of joy, love, adventure, and abundance and live an extraordinary life.

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  1. Great Article , yet again.,.I worked on this and found it very powerful

  2. Indeed a great tool to shape your own destiny..Thanks & looking forward more articles as this one...

  3. lovely, deep and true. Ill get to it.