Jul 24, 2009

How to have harmony in relationships?

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Life can only be enjoyed completely if lived in harmony with people around us, be it family, friends, or coworkers. The moment harmony is disrupted joy is gone from life. However, all of us experience moments in life where harmony in relationships is lost and peace of mind is also lost along with it. It happens even with people we love and in relationships that we value and that are important for us in our life.

So the question is how this can be changed and how can we have harmony in relationships?

Well, in order to have harmony in relationships we must first understand that we human beings are a bundle of energy and we are constantly interacting with the environment around us. So the energy of environment interacts with our energy and impacts us in a positive or negative way depending upon the kind of energy it is and the kind of energy state we are in. So every conscious human being is sensitive to its environment and is constantly getting impacted by the energy of the environment.

For example, if you go to a funeral, the feelings and emotions of the people and whole atmosphere there has a particular impact on you and you become serious, contemplative, introspective, and maybe even sad. You must observe that this happens because the environment there has an impact on your thoughts and feelings and you cannot help but think about the fragility of life and tend to feel differently about life as long as you remain there.

On the other hand if you go to a party where loud music is playing and everyone is dancing it will be difficult to remain in a contemplative mood and your mood will automatically shift according to the cheerful environment around you. So it is important to note that environment has got its own energy and it impacts the energy of people who are in that environment.

Another important fact is that the energy has a vibration. Therefore, just as the energy changes, the vibration also changes along with it.

So if you come in contact with a person who is insecure by nature or fearful by nature that person will have a particular energy and its corresponding vibration. This person’s energy then interacts with your energy and impacts your energy and vibration as well. This happens because the dominating vibration in that person is that of insecurity and fear and it tries to find the same echo in you in order to connect with you. In case you too have some insecurity and fear inside you then you will also experience the same emotions and your state of energy would shift. Now since this person is brining out uncomfortable emotions in you, it would not be a pleasant experience for you to be with that person or relate with him. This would result in your losing harmony with him.

So does it mean that you should run away from people who are negative, fearful, or insecure? Well, you cannot live life like this and it is not possible to live without any relationships in life. Also you may find such people everywhere and you cannot afford to ignore them if they happen to be your family members, friends, or coworkers. You cannot change the emotional states of others, so the best thing is to change yours. This will keep you afloat even when surrounded by such people.

For this you must identify your own emotions when they surface in presence of such persons and get liberated from these emotions. For this you need to identify how the people are impacting you. In order to identify this do the following exercise:

1. Write the names of persons who are in important relationship with you both at work and at home.

2. In front of each name write the instances when you lose harmony with these people. Write the name of the emotion that they normally generate at such times, i.e. do they send fear vibes, or insecure vibes etc. What is their energy vibration at that time?

3. Write how these vibes impact you. What response do they generate in you? Write the name of the response, do you feel fear, anger, or insecurity etc.

4. Once you identify your own emotion, identify the belief behind the emotion. Your belief is the thought that is causing you to experience this emotion.

5. Completely experience the pain that this belief has caused you. When you experience the pain that this belief has caused you, your belief will change and so will the emotion and when you lose your own fear the outside fear cannot impact you.

So change your own vibration to live harmoniously with all types of people, and in every environment, and enjoy harmony in relationships all through your life.

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