Jun 20, 2009

How to access wisdom of heart?

Each one of us would like to act wisely in order to become successful in life. We would like to have more insight into life. However, most of us are unaware of the way in which wisdom can be accessed. This is because we are habitual of using our mind and have never used our heart.

Besides, in many cases the heart itself has become incapable of providing any guidance at all. Why is it so? What can be done to change this?

This is so because over a period of time we have suppressed many emotions in our heart. As a result, the heart has become heavy with stored pain and has become incapable of giving any guidance.

So how can we bring it back to life?

This can be done by releasing the pain stored in the heart as the stored pain blocks all the experience of reality.

Why it does so?

In order to understand this we must first understand that both pain and pleasure are part of experience of life. Therefore, experiencing only pleasure and denying the pain is like living only half and therefore incomplete life.

So if we are not experiencing pain that we have encountered in life we are denying a reality. When we ignore the reality of our heart by choosing not to experience the pain, we act as if there is no pain. This act creates a departure from reality. When this happens, we live in an illusory world and gradually lose all touch with reality.

Once we step into this illusory world, we create more illusions to support our existing illusion. It becomes a never ending cycle of creating illusion after illusion and living from there.

Friends, these illusions are nothing but the arguments created by our mind to sustain our denial of reality that is painful. Once we reach this point, we try to prove our arguments right and fight to protect them. This is termed as having ego. Therefore, all egoists are those who have suppressed lot of pain inside their hearts.

In such a situation, one is unable to act wisely because once he blinds himself to one reality; it blinds him from all reality. Wisdom is nothing else but an authentic response based on reality. When a person moves away from reality his responses also are no longer authentic and therefore he fails to succeed in life.

Therefore, it is important to acknowledge that pain is as real as pleasure and it is equally important to experience the pain as it is to experience pleasure.

So now that you are clear about the importance of experiencing pain, I will tell you how to experience pain?
1. First of all find a solitary place, where nobody can see you or hear you (a closed room will do).

2. Play some soft soul soothing music (Chants, mantras, or instrumental sounds are fine). However, it is not necessary if it distracts you.

3. Now focus your awareness on your heart and recall your most recent hurt, experience the pain completely. If you feel like crying, cry. If it only feels like heaviness in the heart just completely feel it till it is gone.

In order to release all pain from your heart you need to repeat this process from time to time.

Initially, it will be an upsetting process depending upon how much pain you have stored. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep some symbol of faith near you that gives you strength. It may be a picture of the deity you worship, or a holy text, or even a picture of your parents.

When you will experience the pain it will, of course, be an unpleasant experience. Lot of emotions will come out and you will feel disturbed, however if you maintain faith and take a resolve to release all stored pain, then at one point the pain will suddenly disappear, and you will be left with a happy feeling in the heart.

After this process you will feel lighter and start seeing many things in a different light. The more frequently you will do this, more you will establish your connection with reality and act in a more insightful way.

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