Jun 20, 2009

Believe in the possibility to manifest dreams

Each one of us wants to live a dream life. A life where all our wishes are fulfilled and we achieve everything that we want to achieve.

However, very few amongst us really believe in the possibility of realizing their dreams and living a dream life. This is because the dreams appear bigger than our present reality and our present capability of achieving them.

Well, friends a dream would not be a dream if it is not a higher reality. It would not inspire you if it is not something more magnificent than your present reality and if it does not require you to become much more than what you presently are.

Therefore, by no means you should leave the pursuit of your dreams as there can be no life more painful than the one where you leave the pursuit of your dreams. A life not lived in pursuit of your dreams is an average life, devoid of any excitement. It is not really lived but just passed by doing activities that help you survive but not truly enjoy your life. Think for a moment, we just have this life and not going after your dream would mean always living a lesser life than your dream life.

Therefore, start pursuing your dreams. Take them out of the closet and show them the light of the day. You will soon begin to feel a shift in your heart. Even if you do not change a thing in your present schedule, yet by just entertaining the possibility of realizing your dream you would bring back the sunshine in your life. Life will appear more beautiful and you will go about your day with a lot more enthusiasm and joy. As you will then be driven by your dream, your purpose.

As you will do it, you will notice that lot many things will shift around you to create room for your dedicated effort towards your dream. The universe would shift itself to give way to you. This will happen because your dreams are the best possibilities of occurrences for the creation to perfect itself. When you move ahead in the direction of your dreams it is the creation that moves ahead as you are an integral part of the creation. Therefore, at any cost entertain the possibility that you can realize all your dreams.

Your dreams are far and you need to cover the distance by growing into that person who can achieve his dreams. This is the journey of life, a movement towards your dreams, propelled by learning and personal growth.

This would not only make you happy but also give a meaning to your life.

Now consider that how you will achieve your dreams if you entertain the possibility of realizing them. Well, when you will entertain the possibility, your thoughts will go in that direction. When you give a deep thought to something, you become clear about what you ought to do. You already know it but you are not conscious of it because you have not yet decided to pursue your dreams. It is the decision that brings out the action. The results follow only after you take the action.

Therefore, the first step towards realizing your dream is to believe in the possibility of its realization. From the womb of possibility, the reality emerges.

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