Jun 10, 2009

Change aspirations to increase potential and riches

It is a natural human desire to have wealth in life and feel wealthy. We don’t just want to have more wealth but we also want to feel like we have more and relax in realization that we have a lot.
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So the basic desire is to feel that we have more and also to have it simultaneously.

Now the question is that if that is the desire why we do not feel like we have more and why it always feels like we don’t have enough even though we may be seeing that we have much more than many.

There is only one simple reason for it and the reason is that we constantly work from the same level of potential and also stay at the same level of potential. This happens because we do not create new aspirations that would require us to access our higher potential and at the same time build our potential as well.

Friends, consider this for a moment, we keep changing many things in life, like our jobs, our, locations, and sometimes even our plans, however, what we do not change is our aspiration.

We are stuck with the same old aspirations that do not mobilize us sufficiently.

If we are working at the same level of potential then it is because we are not choosing to live by higher aspirations that would invite us to grow, cajole us to learn new things thus giving us more skills and insights, or motivate us sufficiently to move and completely put us on a path of constant growth.

When we change aspirations, we change the amount of potential that we access and also build new potential on the way.

The more we access our potential and more we go on building our potential, more we get paid in life. Also, when we feel like we have so much in terms of potential that is translating into wealth, we feel relaxed and both having more wealth and feeling wealthy becomes our reality.

So my dear friends check your aspirations, work out the financial dimension of your aspirations. Ask yourselves following questions:

What is my aspiration?
Where will it take me financially?
How much of my potential will I be accessing to realize my aspirations?
How much potential I will build on my way to realize my aspirations?

If it feels like it will give you a sense of having lot of wealth, stay there but if it feels less, change your aspiration. Go ahead, take a leap, and soar high.
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