Jun 8, 2009

How to stay passionate about achieving goals?

Each one of us wants to achieve something in life.

Something that we know has the potential to take our life to the next level, where we will experience greater joy, peace, love, and fulfillment in life.

However, we often feel a lack of drive or passion to really go for it and no matter how much we desire that goal, we do not pursue it wholeheartedly. So how this can be changed?

Well, in the long run if you want to stay passionate about achieving your goals it is important to have a clear mental picture of the goal in the mind and keep looking at that picture again and again. To induce passion in your goal there are 3 steps that you must follow.

1. Form a very clear mental picture of your goal.

Why is it so important to form a clear mental picture of your goal? This is because mind first sees, then hears. For ex: If someone mentions the word "tree" to you, before you hear the word the picture of a tree comes to your mind.

Your mental pictures determine what you achieve in life. If you see pictures of having achieved your goal, you stay motivated and passionate to achieve it, work in that direction and finally get what you want.

2. Feel the picture.

What is the importance of feeling the picture?

Well, passion is a feeling. Motivation is a feeling. It is only if you feel good about a goal that you would want to achieve it.

3. Look at that picture again and again.

Once you know what you want to achieve and really feel for it, then it is time to enjoy this mental picture by looking at it again and again. The more you fall in love with your picture, more you will want to turn it into reality. The stronger is your desire and passion, the greater would be your focus. If there is great focus, ideas flow, you are able to access the higher intelligence that guides you through the path of achieving goals and you fly above the roadblocks and obstacles.

So if you follow these three simple steps, you will find yourself always passionately pursuing goals and achieving them.

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