Jun 11, 2009

How to become clear about your choice?

Most of us are often confused about our choices in life. We wonder why we do not know what we want. If the choice is ours why we should not know it? If we would not know our choices then who would? Moreover, if someone else decides what our choice should be, then it cannot be considered as our choice, it would be that person’s choice about us.

However, our problem is not that others have other choices about us, but our problem is that we are not convinced about our own choices. Therefore, we are creating room for other people to interfere with our choices. It is our own confusion that is the problem.

Well friends, if you want to live a life of clarity do the following exercise:

Sit comfortably at a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.
Now feel in your heart what your choice is regarding any one area of your life where you have to make a choice. Notice that your choice actually is the desire of your heart and it will make you happy if you make this choice.
Now look at the doubts that arise in your mind against the choice and allow your mind to question it.
Now, again shift your focus to your heart and see what it has to say about the doubt that the mind is raising by feeling its response in your heart.
Picture this process as a dialogue between the mind and the heart where you are simply a witness and after listening to the dialogue you have to give your decision, i.e. make your choice. You are the choice maker.

Continue to repeat this process until there is no more doubt left in your mind and your heart is filled with peace.

Remember, you will know that your are clear about your choice if your mind is silent and there are no more questions left in your mind about the choice.

After this process you will feel calm inside and clear about yourself. Also, you will begin to feel happy about your choice. When there is clarity in mind and peace in heart, you go ahead in life with lot more conviction.

So do this and enjoy the bounce in your sure footsteps. You are now clear, confident, and ready to take actions. So good luck and have fun.

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