Jun 10, 2009

Recognize internal value to create external wealth

Having financial security and abundance is something that each one of us desires. Everyone dreams of a life where there is permanent financial security and abundance.
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How can we reach that stage in life where we can be sure that we will always have abundance and will be totally secure from the financial standpoint?

If you really want to reach such a stage in life, then it is important to look within and assess your internal value because it is your internal value that determines your extrinsic wealth and security.

So now the question is how to assess the internal value? In order to know your internal value, you need to answer the following question in your heart.

Whenever you receive a financial setback i.e. lose a job or lose big money in business how do you feel towards yourself?

If you feel that though it is a setback but you still have potential in you, then you do not lose your internal value. This is because it is your potential that is valuable. When you realize that you are valuable, you are inspired to take new actions and hence you keep repeating your success. When you look at your potential, you also realize that it is only due to this potential that you got your previous job or your previous success in business. Therefore, having that potential makes you into a valuable individual. A temporary loss does not take your core competence away from you; it only takes away the profit that you earned by using your potential. When the core potential that generated that profit is still there within you, there is no reason to feel valueless as you can do it all over again.

The legendry Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan when suffered such huge losses in his company that he was on verge of filing for bankruptcy, he asked himself the same question, “What is it that I can still do?” and the reply that he got from within was “acting.” He recognized his potential and thus his value as an actor, which had created his past success. This inspired him to approach his old friend who was a director and producer. He went to him and asked for work. He could muster the courage to ask for work because he believed in his value as an actor. He totally believed in his core competence. He got the work, and never looked back, and created the greatest comeback history. Not only did he recover from his financial losses but he could also build a brand for himself that is still going strong.

However, friends on receiving a financial setback if you start feeling worthless, stop believing in your potential, then you lose your internal value. In reality, it is not the incidence of loss but you who is devaluing yourself. If you do not believe in your potential, how can others, who do not even know you, believe in you? It is only after you are convinced about your potential and its value that you can convince others.

So if you are feeling worthless right now, go ahead and take a paper and pen and write down what your core competence has been and what have you achieved with it? How many challenges have you overcome and how have you come out as a winner? You must include not just your professional achievements but your personal achievements as well.

When you have a big list ready, take a deep breath and let the feeling of your achievements sink in.

Also write down how valuable you have been in your personal and professional life and what value you have added in lives of those you have touched? Let your inner value completely shine from within. Now move ahead with confidence and take action. You are all set to create the abundance in your life that is going to last forever.
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