Jun 12, 2009

Profit by managing inner energy

Life depends upon choices. At every instant life is giving us options from which we have to choose.

So it becomes very important to learn what kind of choices would result in gain and which ones would result in loss.

Well, it all depends on energy.

While making a choice all you have to do is to look at your energy. If one choice reduces your energy then there is no need to make that choice in spite of all the reasons in its favor.

On the other hand, if a choice increases your energy then that is a right choice, even though there are sufficient reasons against it.

Why so?

This is because when a choice is made that reduces our energy it will not help us sustain the gains made by logic. There will be gains due to logic but since the energy is not there they will not last long. We need energy to sustain profits in life.

I will explain this with an illustration, at one point my younger brother was looking for a rented accommodation as the house where my brother was living, had been sold by its owner and the new owners had to move in. My brother saw several places and he froze on two options. One, was a newly built house in an average locality with a rent that was five thousand rupees less than the other one, which also was a decent house but not as spacious as the first one, though in a better locality. So the second option was costlier for him.

It made more sense for my brother to go for the first house as it was saving him money and was a beautiful and newly built house. The other house was smaller, old, and costlier, though in a good location.

However, as he decided about moving into the first location, he felt his energy dipping. He started feeling sad about moving from his present accommodation. Still, as he had to take a rational decision he talked to the owner of this first house and as it turned out the owner reduced the rent even further by two thousand rupees. In spite of all this my brother felt a constant drop in his energy at the very thought of moving into that house.

Finally, he realized that he will not be able to sustain the gains from saving even seven thousand rupees if his energy continues to drop. He visualized that if he would return to a house from work that would not be sufficiently inviting it would not rejuvenate him for the next day’s work. He realized that if he would lose his energy, his performance at work would also suffer. This would result in his losing chances of growth and cost him much more in the long run than these seven thousand rupees.

Well, he was bang on point. He changed his choice and decided to move into the other house at a higher rent but the moment he shifted his choice, his energy soared. He moved into this house and in no time he got a hike of ten thousand rupees that too in this time of recession…phew... and very soon after that he bought a new car bigger than his previous one, and that too is not the end of the story, there is more…he got recognized as one of the top performers in his organization and was made a part of “high potential performer’s group” who were to be given exposure at more challenging projects. All this happened in less than one year of his moving into this new house.

So friends, the learning now, the profits earned from the logical choices if made at the cost of energy cannot be sustained and result in higher losses. It is the energy gained that brings in riches than the mere logic.

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